Company Profile

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ACAS is an established provider of engineering solutions and equipment in SE Asia.

Apichart Wannakool created ACAS in 2002 having worked for a number of years in Lao for a Thai energy company. Using his experience in large hydro and construction projects, he chose to invest in the future of Lao PDR’s emerging small hydropower sector. Since then ACAS has developed a network of valued associates to deliver EPC contracts and autonomously provide procurement and supply services for the construction industry. We have over 30 staff working together to implement projects and deliver services to our clients. With offices in Bangkok and Vientiane, we are geographically well placed to support your project in Lao PDR.

As the technology becomes available, ACAS delivers the products.

Given the phenomenal technological advancements of the past few decades we appreciate that to stand still is to miss out. Change is a universal law most of us acknowledge; whether through our expanding waistlines and grey hair, or be it having learnt a software product only for a new improved version to hit the stores, things change quickly in the “Information Age”. ACAS delivers modern solutions and empowers projects in Lao with professional and logistical support. We aim to provide sustainable services for future generations. We offer cutting edge technology and have established successful procurement and supply services to meet emerging market needs.
ACAS has earned a reputation for customer satisfaction through presenting clients with independent and objective analysis regarding price, quality and realistic long term solutions. We also work closely with manufacturers to ensure their products are presented and delivered to the people that specify or require them. Powering projects in Laos is our business.


Innovation: New technologies and breakthroughs are constant. We partner ourselves with industry specialists and leading educational institutions. In addition, we recruit innovative and forward thinking staff. By using this strategy we believe that we put ourselves in position to offer the most appropriate and needs based solutions to our Clients.

Environment: ACAS works in the renewables market for a reason. A regional leader in hydro, currently undertaking solar and wind studies,and with an eye on other emerging renewable technologies, we believe the next generation should inherit a beautiful and clean planet. As such, and with great pride, we make extensive use of the inexhaustible power of nature to generate electricity.

Safety: To visit an ACAS construction site is to witness an organisation that goes the extra mile to protect its most valuable and treasured asset, its people. Safeguarding our teams is paramount. Our Health and Safety conditions are in line with the highest of global standards.