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    Welcome to ACAS
    Powering Your Projects

    ACAS promotes and delivers environmentally sound and
    innovative solutions to the region’s power needs.

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    Turnkey Solutions
    For Your HPPs

    ACAS is an established provider of EPC solutions for sustainable
    and renewable power generation and transmission in SE Asia.

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    International Standards
    Local Implementation

    ACAS presents with huge pride its completed projects
    and looks to the future with great enthusiasm. From Dam Maintenance, HPP SCADA and Electrical System Overhauls to Complete HPP Construction

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Turnkey Services for Hydropower Generation and Distribution in Laos

ACAS, market leader for the supply of turnkey hydropower maintenance and optimisation solutions in Laos, provides a wide range of services for HPP in line with:

  • Dam maintenance and HPP maintenance (leakage fixing, cleaning, civil work, DMS, etc.)
  • Hydraulic Steel Structures (HSS) maintenance (Penstock maintenance, gates and valves maintenance)
  • Existing hydropower schemes optimisation
  • Sourcing, Supply and Installation of spare parts
  • Dam monitoring system (DMS) maintenance and installation
  • Pumping Station EPC Construction
  • Small hydro EPC construction
  • Sub-station (115Kv, 230Kv, 500Kv) maintenance and EPC construction
  • Transmission line (115Kv, 230Kv, 500Kv) maintenance and EPC construction
  • Hydropower engineering (Civil, hydraulics, electrical)
Over the last 20 years ACAS has put together a team of international experts, which is unique in Lao PDR, in the fields of:
  • Civil, hydraulics, hydrological and electrical engineering
  • Purchasing and logistics
  • Construction and installation.

We also have established partnerships with some of the most renowned service and product suppliers in the power sector.
As an ISO9001 certified company, ACAS positions itself as the only Laotian technical partner that can match international standard and requirements. With an unmatched quality, reactivity and price, we can help you tackle maintenance issues and get the best out of your power assets.

Apichart Wannakool

"I present ACAS' project portfolio with great pride, and we continue innovating
and engineering world class solutions to meet the regions renewable energy needs.“

ACAS was founded with lofty ambitions. We hoped that ACAS would become a synonym for innovation and quality. We believe we have achieved this, and continue on the path of continual improvement. We have built a multi-national team who bring the vision needed to be a regional leader and the passion needed to drive us forward. We are proud of the projects we have delivered. We are proud of the team we have built. We are looking forward to developing more innovative solutions to the regions renewable energy needs.

Apichart Wannakool
Managing Director

Our Solutions

We bring world-class solutions to the renewable energy and energy transmission sectors. Our core strength lies in our proven range of capabilities and our strong track record for turnkey projects. We provide complete, custom-designed solutions, from concept selection and initial idea development through to detailed engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning and start-up.


Partners and Suppliers

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